An engineer who loves to code, travel, and meet BUIDLers across the globe.

Howdy! My name is Nabarun (call me Nick if you'd like), and I'm a Software Developer currently based in India. I love being an autodidact as it enables my curious mind to thrive. I'm Dev #369 at Developer DAO and a member of DAOpunks.



(what I'm doing now)

I'm super comfortable with upskilling on the internet as I've been on the self-taught journey for a few years now. I take a keen interest in learning cutting-edge technologies in the hopes that these will one day have a direct impact on our lives and Blockchain is definitely one such innovation. When I came across NFTs for the first time in early 2021, it was kinda evident to me from day one itself, that non-fungible tokens are going to shape the online world's future. Gradually, almost everything in the digital realm is going to get tokenized. Thinking about the potential of web3 (including DeFi, social protocols, audio tokens, etc.) makes me really excited and now I want to be a significant contributor to the metaverse. But before I can do that, I need to take my web2 coding skills to the next level. That's why I'm learning blockchain engineering using Solidity. It'll help me explore my fascination with dApps in a much better way. And who knows, maybe someday Maa will be really proud of me!


(technologies I've played with)


(some fun facts and some not so much)
  • I can speak five languages; 4 with professional proficiency and 1 as a beginner.
  • I was recognized among the Top 10 School Toppers who brought laurels by securing a score of more than 90% in the CBSE India Senior School Certificate Examination.
  • I won a Badminton Championship in 2013 which was held for college freshmen.
  • I can play the "Nothing Else Matters" intro by plucking the strings on my acoustic guitar.
  • I received a Certificate of Appreciation from my first employer for maintaining excellent professional practices.